• Master Tian's team performed in the Chinese Central Television's New Year Gala. 
  • Joined Europe Showcase Tour. 


Check out news segment featuring both Master Tian and Master Zhang here:


  • ShanDong WuShu Competition Grand Champion.
  • Performed for the Eleventh National Athletic Games in Gongzhou, China. 
  • Performed for the Fifth East Asia Games in Gongzhou, China. 


  • National WuShu Competition Youth Group Traditional Fist Champion.
  • Performed with Jackie Chan and Jet Li in World Kung Fu Exhibition in Beijing. 
  • Performed WuShu in various National TV Programs.


  • Performed “Youth China” in Central TV (CCTV) Station’s New Year Gala.
  • Performed for the Third Beijing International Film Festival.
  • Performed in International Drum Festival with American Gold Drum and Bugle Corps in Indiana. "East Meets West"

Master Zhang was celebrating the Lunar New Year with everyone through the Television Channel in 2019.


  • Main actor in Beijing ShengWu Kung Fu Performance Group. 
  • Performed in various TV programs and world tours.


  • Invited by Zhang Wu Xiao to attend the 40th anniversary of Sino French Diplomatic Relations.


  • Main Kung Fu actor in large stage opera "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow" ("Chang Heng Ge") in Xian, China. 


  • Prime Coaching in Zhong Hua Wu Xiao's performance team. 

This is one of the competitions Master Zhang attended and was hosting by Tiger Claw Kung Fu Championship.

Master Zhang's Wushu Achievements & Experience  | 获奖经历

     Master Zhang was born and raised in  Shandong, China. Beginning WuShu at age 10, Master Zhang's enthusiasm for the Chinese Martial Arts led him to an era of great WuShu success. His professional career started in 2007 when he competed in his first competition, in which he won as a Grand Champion. Since then, Master Zhang has participated in several national events that were featured in international television stations; touring with well-known actors such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li.
    Master Zhang's staggering feats of acrobatics has elevated the technicality in which he teaches WuShu. With years of experience in the competition field and professional performance, Master Zhang takes his talents and skills to further inspire Honor Kung Fu Academy's upcoming generations within the Kung Fu community.   

Master Tian's Wushu Achievements & Experience| 获奖经历



There are more videos and performances of our instructors 

CCTV is a famous television channel in China. Master Tian had received the invitation from them to display the culture of Martial Art. In this video, Master Tian was narrating the kung Fu culture to others.

Master Tian was celebrating the Lunar New Year with everyone through the Television Channel in 2018.

        Master Tian | 简介

        Master Zhang | 简介

     Master Tian, being a WuShu apprentice for 23 years, became the leading Kung Fu master and performer in Asia.  He served as the premier coach of the School Team of Zhong Hua WuShu School, not only hosting some of the most famous national performances, but touring all over Europe, Asia, and America, extending its precious culture to every corner of the 21st-century civilization.

     After been invited to the U.S. as a cultural representative, Master devoted his Kung Fu passion in creating an influence on the western society.  By teaching and competing, Master Tian has attracted countless talented disciples.  He has won Golden State International WuShu Championships, the WildAid Tiger Claw Champion, and the Tiger Claw Elite Drunken Style Champion (featured in Kung Fu Magazine), bringing blazing glory to the Greater Bay Area and Western Martial Arts mainstream.

     Now an experienced philosophical and physical master. Master Tian seeks to innovate martial arts teaching discipline and instill his special knowledge and success in this vastly diversified community.

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