2019 Golden State Internation WuShu Competition 

Ethan Saeyang, Amuyla Harish, Lucas Dong, Mariella Brayton compete for the WildAID Tiger Club crown on Kung Fu Tai Chi Day 2017, held on May 21 in the South Hall of the San Jose Convention Center. This was part of the Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine's 25th-anniversary celebration. 

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2018 Tiger Claw Elite

Performances and other Videos

Spencer Kwong took 4th place in the External Grand Champion Competition in the 18 and over age group. The External Grand Champion competition pits competitors who have won Grand Champion in the either the Traditional Kung Fu, Songshan Shaolin or Modern Wushu Division. This was held as part of the Tiger Claw KungFuMagazine.com Championship held at the San Jose Convention Center on May 19-20.                                   

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2019 Honor Kung Fu Academy Dance Performance

 The performance from one of our outstanding students.

2019 Anniversary of Legalization of Chinese Medicine

2017 the WildAID Tiger Club Competition

Lion Performance 

2019 Lunar New Year Performance

2019 Lunar New Year Performance

Honor Kung Fu Academy 3rd Anniversary Celebration   09/08/2019

2018  Golden State International Wushu Championship

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